Category Special
No-Skill Range Melee, Average

Wolf Melee, Short

Walking Speed 4.75cps(Human) & 4.75(Wolf)
Running Speed 5.75cps(Human) & 7.25(Wolf)
Gear Base Damage Reduction:

Total: 14.50%BDR, -12% Speed

Weapon: +7.00%BDR

Armor: +4.75%BDR, -6% Speed

Helmet: +2.25%BDR, -3% Speed

Trinket: +2.25%BDR, -3% Speed

Werewolf Form: Testing remains incomplete. BDR should be assumed to be based off total BDR of the character, not just the weapon.

Moon Gauge(Unique to Werewolf):

"Human"(Werewolf) can transform into "Werewolf"(and vice-versa) by using Hold-D as long as the "Moon Gauge" is 33 or higher. Note: Werewolf's Running Hold-D cannot cause a transformation. Additionally, you cannot swap heroes while in Werewolf Form, and your Trinket/Helmet/Body skills are nullified and cannot be used(including passives).The Moon Gauge regenerates during Human form and decreases while in Wolf form based on the current HP % remaining:

Normal Rate: Regenerates 3 MoonGauge per second. Loses 4 MoonGuage per second. Maximum Duration: 25 seconds.

0% HP Rate: Regenerates 3 MoonGauge per second. Loses 10 MoonGuage per second. Maximum Duration: 9seconds.

Basic Melee:

D: 7

DD: 7

DDD: 8

Hold-D: 8

Air-D: 7___|1.75c+(0.50ec)+(0.00sc)

Dash-D: 8

Wolf Melee:

D: 9

DD: 9

DDD: 14

Hold-D: 11___|2.00c+(1.00sc)+(0.00ec) [Half-Faint] When successful, adds 10 to meter.

Running Hold-D: 11

Air-D: 9

Air-DD: 9

Dash-D: 9

Dash-DD: 9

Air Dash: 9


Wolf Slash: 6___|2.00c+(0.50sc)+(1.00ec)

Wolf Slash-D: 8___|0.50c+(1.75sc)+(1.25ec) [Faint]

Wolf Slash-S: 10___|2.00c+(1.00sc)+(4.00ec)

Slaughter(1): 7___|1.25c+(2.00sc)+(0.25ec)

Slaughter(2~5): 7 per hit___|1.25c+(0.50sc)+(0.25ec)

Slaughter(6): 10___|1.50c+(0.75sc)+(0.50ec) [Faint]

Slaughter-S: 10___|1.00c+(0.00sc)+(3.00ec) [Knockdown]

Wolf's Energy: +35 to Moon Gauge___|1.00c+(2.00ec)

Panic(1~6): 4 per hit___|0.75c+(0.75sc)+(0.75ec) [Half-Faint] [Half-Lift]

Knight's Blessing(Trinket): 5 second duration.

* All [Blockable] attacks are ignored (no damage, no flinch).


Wolf Slash: 20 seconds

Wolf's Energy: 18 seconds

Panic: 20 seconds

Knight's Blessing: 24 seconds