LS V-Mech
Category Melee
No-Skill Range Melee, Average
Walking Speed 4.25cps
Running Speed 6.15cps
Note: This hero has been reformed and requires being re-tested in all aspects. Excluding Speed.

Lore: While trapped in another dimension Developer K sought out ways to come back home. By creating V-MECH using a special booster, and artificial intelligence he could travel at enourmous speed through the Time Gate. Little did Developer K know that V-MECH hungered for more, and more.  

Gear Base Damage ReductionEdit

Total: 27.45%BDR, -9.75%WalkSpeed, -10.53%RunSpeed.

Weapon: 6.25%BDR

Armor: 11.751%BDR, -4.75%WalkSpeed, -5.70%RunSpeed.

Helmet: 6.25%BDR, -2.5%WalkSpeed, -3.00%RunSpeed.

Trinket: 6.25%BDR, -2.5%WalkSpeed, -3.00%RunSpeed.

Fuel GaugeEdit

The Fuel Gauge can be used to allow V-Mechanic to temporarily hover or fly mid-air. It can be activated by via Vmech's Hold-D.

User can Ascend&Descend at a rate of 5.42cps using the A/S keys respectively.. This is/is not affected by BSP%. User can fly in omni-directional air dashes at a rate of 8.50cps using the direction arrows.

  • Fuel Gauge Capacity: 66 Fuel.
  • Minimum Fuel Required to enter Flight Mode: 3 Fuel.
  • Drain Rate: Fuel drains at [30 Fuel] per 1 second while over drop zones or if above a height of 7.00circles above the ground.
  • Recharge Rate: Fuel gauge recharges while walking at a rate of [3 Fuel] per 1 second, drains at the same rate while hovering.

Basic MeleeEdit

Guard Duration: (180 degrees) 

D: 7damage

DD: 6damage

DDD: 6damage

DDDD: 8damage [Knockdown]

Hold-D(During Flight Mode) 5damage [Lift]

Air-D: 5damage 

Air-DD: 5damage

Air-DDD: 8damage

Dash-D: 7damage

Dash-DD: 5damage


Beam Slasher(Weapon) (1~4):''' 4 damage

Beam Slasher(Weapon) (5): '''4 damage [Launch]

Wild Shot(Armor) (1~6): ? damage

Beam Shield(Helmet): 10 second frontal shield which blocks non-guardbreak attacks. Can be deactivated. (180 degrees)

  • Hidden Effect: Buff increases walk speed by 5% while active(does not increase run speed).

Hyper Beam(Trinket) (1~3)20 damage [Knockdown] [Shocked]

  • While active, V-Mech's Flight Mode functionality for ascend&descend is given. The rate however is changed to 11.40cps.


Beam Slasher(Weapon): 20 seconds

Wild Shot(Armor): 22 seconds

Beam Shield(Helmet): 14 seconds

Hyper Beam(Trinket): 17 seconds