Whenever a round's timer runs down to 0, a "Sudden Death" occurs changing a few elements of gameplay depending on the mode.

A standard amongst any mode is that:

[All Modes]

  • Match EXP&PESO base multiplier do not increase during this time.
  • Time spent in match does not apply to quests with minute based timers during this time(excluding "Reckless Challenge" quests).
  • Players in [idle] state may receive AFK question IMMEDIATELY upon the start of Sudden Death. Exact cause undetermined.

[Crusade Easy] & [Crusade Medium]

  • No known changes have been documented.

[Crusade Hard]

  • Mini-Reaper(page incomplete) will spawn and persue players.

[Ghost Tag]

  • The match ends and all surviving humans are declared victorious.

[Boss Raid]

  • When the current boss dies, no more bosses will be chosen.


  • Ball knockback is increased by 50%.

[Team Death Match], [Prisoner], [Ladder], [Powerstone]

  • All players' HP is reduced to 0/0. Meaning their maximum HP is reduced to 0 as well.
  • The following skills are disabled:Justice Jetpack, Cyber Jetpack, Trooper Jetpack, Shaman Helm, Phoenix Helm
  • Note: Despite being based on MAX HP, Ragna's [Black Onslaught] is not disabled during Sudden Death.

[Crown Control]

  • All effects of Team Death Match Sudden Death.
  • Crown accquisition rate increased by 50%.