This page will list the range data of every non-skill projectile in the game.

Quick Shots&Focused Shots are listed together seperated by the & sign.

Projectile Range Chart
  Hero Name   Damage Range Knockback Ammo Used/Max Hit Effect
Captain Hook  Infinite  Lift
Chaos Dahlia  Infinite  Lift
Chieftain  Infinite  Lift, Guard Break
Cowboy  13&16  8.50c&8.00c 0.75ec&1.50ec  1/9  [None]&Lift
Devil Ranger  10  1~4/Infinite
Fire Mage  10  1/1 Burn, Half-Faint, Half-Lift 
Hazama  8
Heavy Crasher  Infinite  Lift
Ice Mage  1/1  Freeze, Lift
Infantryman 8.50c&7.25c 0.25ec&0.75ec  3/18  [None]&Lift
Jin Kisaragi  10  Infinite
Mafia Boss  6  5.50c  0.25ec  1/6  Half-Faint
Musketeer  9&12 12.00c&10.00c 0.25ec&1.50ec  1/3  [None]&Faint
Necromancer  6  1~3/Infinite  Half-Faint
Priest  9  Infinite
Puppeteer  Infinite
Robin Hood 7.50c&7.00c 2.00ec&1.50ec  1&2/Infinite Half-Faint&Lift
Space Trooper 7.50c&7.50c 0.25ec&0.50ec  150/200 Half-Faint&Faint
Special Forces  12&14 8.00c&8.00c 0.15ec&3.00ec  1/6 [None]&Lift]
Staff Master  5  1/2  Half-Faint, Half-Launch
Treasure Hunter 5.75c&5.50c 0.25&0.50ec  1/5  Half-Faint&Faint
Witch  8  Infinite  Unique Buff(Half-Launch)