Category Melee
No-Skill Range Melee, Short
Walking Speed 3.95cps
Running Speed 5.20cps
Lore: The default hero that is revealed as gears are removed from a playable hero.

Gear Base Damage ReductionEdit

Total: 0%BDR, -0%BSP

Weapon: +0%BDR

Armor: +0%BDR, -0%BSP

Helmet: +0%BDR, -0%BSP

Trinket: +0%BDR, -0%BSP

NOTE: Despite having 0%BDR base, points spent on DEF while nake increase BDR% by 0.75BDR per point. Ergo 10DEF is equivalent to 7.5%BDR while naked.

Base HP AmountEdit

Base HP(Prisoner): 230

Base HP(Death): 207

  • Applies in the following modes: Champion Mode, Team Death Match, Deathmatch, Boss Raid.

Base HP(CC & PS): 196

  • Applies in the follow modes: Crown Control, Power Stone.

Basic MeleeEdit

Guard Duration: 1.00seconds (90degrees)

D: 6 damage___|1.00c+(0.25sc)+(0.25ec)

DD:  6 damage___|1.00c+(0.25sc)+(0.25ec)

DDD: 8 damage___|1.00c+(0.25sc)+(0.25ec) [Launch]

Dash-D:8 damage___|1.00c+(0.00sc)+(2.00ec) [Half-Faint]

Air-D: 8 damage___|0.75c+(0.00sc)+(0.25ec) [Half-Faint]


  • Essentially this is Hero #0 in all versions of the game.
  • Despite not being an actual hero, Naked has received a reform between OGPlanet and WeMadeNA's versions of the game to have her HP increased from 190base to 230base and the damage of her [D] and [DD] moves increased from 5 to 6.