Ls Micheal
Category Rare
No-Skill Range Melee, Average
Walking Speed {{{Walking Speed}}}
Running Speed {{{Running Speed}}}
 Lore: ???

Gear Base Damage ReductionEdit

Total: 15%

Weapon: ???

Armor:  ???

Helmet: ???

Trinket: ???

Basic MeleeEdit

D: 7

DD: 7

DDD: 11 [Faint] [Hitting air target bounces them]

Dash-D: 7 [Half-Lift]

Dash-DD: 7 [Half-Lift]

Dash-DDD: 7 [Half-Lift]

Dash-DDDD: 8 [Lift]

Air-D: 7 [Half-Lift]

Air-DD: 7 [Half-Lift]

Air-DDD: 9 [Faint on standing] [Bounce on air]

Air Hold-D: 7 [Lift]

Hold-D: 7 [Lift]


Army of Heaven(Weapon): 8 [Lift] [Hits grounded]

Summons angels that chase enemies and lifts them into the sky to dela fall damage.

Judgement of Light(Armor): 10 [Lift] [Hits grounded and lifts] Cast an AoE that brings down judgement. Will hit grounded and lift them.


Become immune to debuffs and attacks for a short time.


When you jump, you can slowly glide down.



  • Micheal was inspired by a Biblical angel of the same name. His name is Hebrew and means "Who is like God?"
  • Some players have mused over the fact that the leader of God's army can be defeated by such silly characters as Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, a Cowboy, or a joke-like Jester.
  • Michael, though being a Rare hero based on the Angelic set of gears, has a custom design of the Angelic Wings, a design exclusive to the character itself. (These, however, can also be obtained from various types of gear chests)
  • Michael's move set seems to very closely resemble that of Lucifer's. Michael's basics as well as his dash attack are unmistakably similar, even sharing the same number of attacks. This is most fitting, considering that they parallel each other.
  • Michael's skills are likewise contrasted with Lucifer's: Michael's halo's skill is titled "Salvation" while Lucifer's respective halo is "Destruction."
  • On the subject of parallels, both Michael and Lucifer's play styles heavily revolve around grabbing the opponent. Michael, of course, does this more straight forwardly and dignified as opposed to Lucifer's much more savage grapple.