Smile Joker
Category Melee
No-Skill Range Melee, Short
Walking Speed 4.45cps
Running Speed 5.75cps
Lore: ???

Gear Base Damage ReductionEdit

Total: ?.??% BDR, -0%BSP

Weapon: ?.??% BDR, -0%BSP

Armor: ?.??% BDR, -0%BSP

Helmet: ?.??% BDR, -0%BSP

Trinket: ?.??% BDR, -0%BSP

Basic MeleeEdit

D: 8 damage

DD: 8 damage

DDD: 9 damage [Knockdown]

Hold-D: 10 damage [Ground Hit]

Hold-D Combo (caused by holding D after DD): 6 damage

Hold-D Combo(2): 6 damage

Hold-D Combo(3): 6 damage

Hold-D Combo(4): 8 damage [Half-Faint]

Air-D: 9 damage [Half-Faint]

Double Jump Air-D: 12 damage [Half-Faint]

Note: Double Jump Air-D and Air-D: ARE different, having different pushback, damage values and sound effects

Dash-D: 9 damage [Half-Faint]

Dash-Hold-D: 10 damage [Lift]


100T Hammer(Weapon): 15 damage

100T Hammer(2): 15 damage

100T Hammer(3): 15 damage

Mini Me(Armor): Decreases vertical Hitbox by 25% and increases movementspeed by 20%.

  • Hidden Effect: While active, it is possible to perform a Triple Jump.
  • Duration: 15 seconds.

Giggle Box(Helmet): Giggle box status effect

Balloons(Trinket): Ballooned status effect


100T Hammer(Weapon):

Mini Me(Armor):

Giggle Box(Helmet):



  • Despite being added to Treasure Capsules after Grand Templar, Jester was released as a purchasable hero several weeks before Grand Templar.
  • The body has the unique effect of increasing walk/run animation speed by roughly double, despite only providing a 20% boost in speed, making the body seemingly faster than it is.
  • During the changeover from OGPlanet to WeMadeNA, this hero's name was changed from "Smile Joker" to "Jester".