Iron Knight
Category Melee
No-Skill Range Melee, Average
Walking Speed 4.25cps
Running Speed 5.63cps

Lore: Defense, the battered sword sharp attacks and durable armor has made the Iron Knight a worthy mercenary. With counters and stab attacks, stiffness, followed by a deadly head butt, Iron Knight is a great class for newer players. You can also see them standing on the battlefield, leading thir allies with a buff ability that raises the morale of the team and raises the speed of movement.

Gear Base Damage ReductionEdit

Total: ??.00%BDR, -9.75%WalkSpeed, -10.53%RunSpeed.

Weapon: ?.??%BDR

Armor: 12.00%BDR, -4.75%WalkSpeed, -5.70%RunSpeed.

Helmet: ?.??%BDR, -2.5%WalkSpeed, -3.00%RunSpeed.

Trinket: ?.??%BDR, -2.5%WalkSpeed, -3.00%RunSpeed.

Basic MeleeEdit

D: 8 Damage

DD: 8 Damage

DDD: 8 Damage

DDDD: 9 Damage [Lift]

Dash-D: 9 Damage

Dash-DD: 9 Damage [Lift]

Dash Hold D: 9 Damage [Lift]

Hold-D: 11 Damage [Faint]

Hold D(Launcher): 9 Damage  [Lift]

Air-D: 9 Damage

Air Hold D: 11 Damage [Faint]

Counter: 9 Damage [Lift]


Triple Slash(Weapon): 7 Damage [Lift]

Triple Slash(2): 7 Damage [Lift]

Triple Slash(3): 15 Damage [Lift]

Air Weapon: 14 Damage [Faint]

Shield Sigil(Armor):

  • Shield Sigil: Upon attacking this hero with melee, target is pushed 0.75c away.
  • Hidden Effect: Reduces all knockback by 20%

Headbutt(Helmet): 10 Damage [Stun]

Haste Aura(Trinket): No damage; Buffs the user and nearby allies with a speed increase.

Note: Haste Aura carries over when swapping heroes.


Triple Slash(Weapon): 25 Seconds

Shield Sigil(Armor): Passive, no cooldown. Points spent on Shield Sigil add DEF. +1 Shield Sigil = +0.5DEF

Headbutt(Helmet): 33 Seconds

Haste Aura(Trinket): 20 Seconds