Ice Mage
Category Magic
No-Skill Range Melee, Short-Average
Walking Speed {{{Walking Speed}}}
Running Speed Unable to Run

Gear Base Damage Reduction:

Pure Total: 15.75%BDR

Weapon: 7.00%BDR

Armor: 5.50%BDR

Helmet: 2.50%BDR

Trinket: 2.50%BDR

Basic Melee:

D: 8 damage

DD: 8 damage

DDD: 10 damage [Launch]

Jump D: 9 damage [Freezes] [Hits Grounded]

  • Liberates Frozen teammates. (?)

Dash Attack: 10 damage [Launch]


Blizzard(Weapon): 12 damage per shard [Freezes] [Hits Grounded] [Cancelable] [Cast] [AoE]

  • Ice Mage casts down ice shards vertically on its target area. To target, Hold D followed by S.
  • Hitting an opponent twice resets their position while maintaining their Frozen status.
  • Multiple hits do not extend the duration of Freeze.

Ice Burst(Armor): 18 damage [Half-Faint Recovery]

Frost Shield(Helmet): [Shield] [Freezes in Air] [Cancelable]

  • Frost Shield: Any enemy that melee hits during duration will be instantly given "Frozen" status for 2 seconds.
  • Capacity: Absorbs up to 100 damage worth for duration. Accumulated damage exceeding 100 will cancel skill. (exact number pending further testing)
  • Hidden Effect: Changes current BDR% to 66%(ignores DEF&gearset) while active.
  • Duration: 15 seconds

Ice Proof(Trinket): Grants (Iceproof) buff to self&all allies in a 8.00c range. [Ground Recovery]

  • Ice Proof: Provides immunity to all damage/status effects of attacks with the [Frozen] status.
  • Hidden Effect: Adds +5BDR to self&affected allies for duration.(exact number pending further testing)
  • Duration: 15 seconds



Ice Burst(Armor):

Frost Shield(Helmet):

Ice Proof(Trinket):

Ice Mage enters Cast mode with Hold D to aim Blizzard. During his Cast, skills recharge 50% faster.