Hidden Crown
Category Unique
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BDR% +5.00%
BSP% -20.00%
The game-winning crown of Crown Control mode. *Note, the name is taken from the timer's title of "Hidden Crown".

Obtain: Gear can only be obtained during Crown Control mode. It is the Crown.

Gear Abilities:

  1. If HP is reduced to 0, crown will not be dropped, unlike normal gears.
  2. Dashing is disabled(Mage Dash-Attack still enabled)
  3. Double Jumping is disabled.
  1. Does not override current helmCurrent Helm skill is disabled.
  2. The following attacks are replaced with [Naked Hero] equivalents: V-Mech Air-D, Ragna Air-D
  3. The following attacks are disabled: V-Mech Hold-D, Samurai Air-D, Chieftain Air-D, Werewolf Transformation, Witch Hold-D
  4. The following skills cannot be used while worn:
  • Weapons: Witch, Running Back,
  • Armors: Wild Tiger, Savage Berserker, Shadow Assassin, Robin Tunic, Joker Suit, Devil Outfit,
  • Helmets: Firemage, V-Mech, Crazy Sapper,Kage Ninja, Treasure Hunter, Bunny Ears, Dark Bunny Ears, Halo, Trans-scouter, Kumiho Ears, Phoenix Circlet,
  • Trinkets: Iron Knight, Captain Hook, Cyber Medic, Space Trooper, Unicorn Lancer, Werewolf, Justice Defender, Lazer Wings, Angelic Wings, Dark Angelic Wings, Phoenix Wings, Gyro Bomber, Crazy Board,