Hard Undead
Hard undead
Category Hard Crusade (41F~59F)
No-Skill Range Based on current weapon
Walking Speed Based on current weapon
Running Speed Based on current weapon
The most basic of enemies from Hard Crusade, appearing on [Hard]Crusade floors 41F~59F, the skeleton will spawn with all four gears of a random Season 1 Hero.

Capable of spawning with the gears of:

  • Special: Captain Hook, Crazy Sapper
  • Magic: Cyber Medic, Dark Shaman, Firemage, Ice Mage, Lightning Mage
  • Ranged: Cowboy, Infantry, Musketeer, Robin Hood, Space Trooper, Treasure Hunter
  • Melee: Boxing Champ, Iron Knight, Justice Defender, Savage Berserker, Shadow Assassin, Smile Joker, Tao Warrior, Taekwon Master, Viking Raider

Gear Base Damage Reduction:

# Spawned per Floor: 8(41F~??F)

BDR - Total: (See Datapedia page of Undead's currently equipped gear)

Base HP: 60+(Floor Number*2)

Innate Abilities:

  • Hitbox: Undead are roughly 25% vertically smaller than Heroes, so some attacks may pass over them.
  • Dexterity: Undead are immune to all drop damage.
  • Blocking: Undead are unable to Block.

Basic Melee:

(See Datapedia page of Undead's currently equipped gear for melee details)


(See Datapedia page of Undead's currently equipped gear for skill details)

  • Limitation: Undead cannot use a skill until their HP is under 50%. During this state, the Undead will gain a Red Aura. Exceptions to this rule are Shadow Assasin (only using Assasinate), Smile Joker (only using Mini Me) and Captain Hook (only using Quick Step)
  • Magic Limitation: Magic-Type Undead do not have any limitation on skills.


Weapon: 3 seconds

Armor: 3 seconds

Helmet: 3 seconds

Trinket: 3 seconds