Fire Mage
Category Magic
No-Skill Range Melee, Short
Walking Speed 4.50cps
Running Speed Unable to Run
Lore: ???

Gear Base Damage ReductionEdit

Total: 16.5% BDR

Weapon: 5.50%BDR

Armor: 8.00%% BDR

Helmet: 2.50% BDR

Trinket: 2.50% BDR

Basic MeleeEdit

D: 8 [Jump-Cancel]

DD: 12 [Knockdown]

Dash: 12 [Knockdown] [Burned]

Air-D: 10 [Half-Faints] [Hits Ground] [Burns]


Meteor: 30 [Lifts] [Burns] [Hits Grounded] [Cast]

  • Fire Mage casts a meteor down vertically on its target. To target, Hold D followed by S.
  • If Meteor is used without Casting, the meteor will land directly infront of you.

Flame Wave: 15 [Usable in Air] [Burns] [Lifts]

  • Fire Mage creates six Flame Waves on the ground extending from his position. Each individually lifts and burns.
  • Air variation is exactly the same in range/damage/cooldown.

Teleport(Air Duration): 3seconds. Warps to target area. [Usable in Air] [Cast].

  • When casting on the ground, the spell must be performed or interrupted.
  • There are no invincibility frames when appearing at your final location (ie. Teleporting over a Mine).

Fire Proof(Duration): 15 seconds, grants (Fireproof) buff to self&all allies in a range of 8.00c [Ground Recovery]

  • Fireproof: Provides immunity to all damage/status effects of attacks with the [Burned] status.
  • Hidden Effect: STR = [(STR+22)*1.11] during (Fireproof), stackable with other STR-enhancement abilities.


Meteor: 20seconds

Flame Wave: 28seconds

Teleport: 20seconds

Fire Proof: 25seconds