85 Destroyer
Category Ranged
No-Skill Range Ranged, Average
Walking Speed ?.??cps
Running Speed ?.??cps

Lore: ???

Gear Based Damage ReductionEdit

Total: ?.??% BDR, -?.??% Speed


Weapon: ?.??% BDR

Armor: +?.??% BDR, -?.??% Speed

Helmet: +?.??% BDR, -?.??% Speed

Trinket: +?.??% BDR, -?.??% Speed

Basic DamageEdit

D: 8

DD: 9

DDD: 10 [Knockdown]


Hold-D(Light tap):[Half-Faint]

Hold-D(Long press): 11 [Faint]



[Note]: Landing both hits will result in a knockdown.

[Note]: Hits grounded. Slightly lifts grounded enemies.


Guns Blazing(Weapon): 4 per hit (Total 56)(14 hits total) [Total hit count may be higher, needs further testing.] 

You mash the attack key to fire lasers at an enemy from a distance.

Ultimate Beam(Armor): 3 per hit [Stuns for about 2~3 seconds]

Open a dimensional gate and fire lasers.

Fires about 7 volleys of (5~7) Lasers.

Droid Strike(Helmet): 5 per hit. Summons (6) droids.

You summon multiple droids to attack an emeny.

  1. 1st Hit: Half-Faint
  2. 2nd Hit: Faint
  3. 3rd Hit: Grounded
  4. 4th/5th/6th Hit(s): Slightly lifts grounded

[Note]: These hit descriptions are in consecutive order. i.e Getting hit once and then again 3 seconds later will not give [Faint] status.

If summoned on a different height level than the user who summoned them, they will disappear.

Illusion Arrow(Trinket): 20 [Lifts] [Hits grounded]

Fire a laser that explodes on impact.


Guns Blazing(Weapon): ???

Ultimate Beam(Armor): ???

Droid Strike(Helmet): ???

Illusion Arrow(Trinket): ???


  • Released as Hero #85 in Korea, Hero #65 in North America(Z8Games Server).