Death Knight
Category Melee
No-Skill Range Melee, Extended
Walking Speed 4.25cps
Running Speed 5.63cps
Lore: ???

Gear Base Damage ReductionEdit

Total: ?.??%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Weapon: ?.??%BDR

Armor: ?.??%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Helmet: ?.??%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Trinket: ?.??%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Basic MeleeEdit

D: 10 damage

DD: 10 damage

DDD: 13 damage

Hold-D(0~99): 10 damage [Lift]

  • Note: Every 1% of the charge adds +1% damage.

Hold-D(100: 20 damage [Guard Break] [Launch]

Air-D: 10 damage

Dash-D: 10 damage

Dash-Hold-D: 10 damage


Death Slash(Weapon): 15 damage

Skull Summon(Armor): 10 damage

Death Road(Helmet): 10 damage per hit

  • Death Road's minion travels at a speed of 5.63cps regardless of the user's setup.

Death Aura(Trinket):

  • Death Aura: All affected enemies in range gain -40%BSP. and  cannot run or dash or double jump(unconfirmed).
  • Hidden Effect: Death Aura increases your damage by 20% while active. This does not apply to or by STR or other buffs, it merely adds 20% of the current base damage to the final damage amount after all other buffs.
  • Duration: 10 seconds


Death Slash(Weapon): 30 seconds(unconfirmed)

Skull Summon(Armor): 50 seconds

Death Road(Helmet): 15 seconds

Death Aura(Trinket): ?? seconds