Cyber Memek
Category Magic
No-Skill Range Melee, Short
Walking Speed {{{Walking Speed}}}
Running Speed Unable to Run

Gear Base Damage Reduction:Edit

Pure Total: 15.75%BDR ewe

Weapon: 7.00%BDR

Armor: 3.5%BDR

Helmet: 3.5%BDR

Trinket: 3.5%BDR

Basic Melee:Edit

D: 9 damage

DD: 9 damage

DDD: 12 damage

Dash Attack: 10 damage

Air Dash Attack: 10 damage


Heal(Weapon): The effects&Duration depend on the target:

  • (Self) : 9HP healed over 1.5 seconds. +1HP per 0.15 seconds. [True Damage]
  • (Ally) : 45HP healed over 7 seconds. +1HP per 0.15 seconds. [True Damage]

Zero G(Armor): Lifts all nearby enemies in a 2.00 circle radius around the user into the air for 1 second.

Drain(Helmet): Resets the charge status of all nearby enemy skills to 0% in a 3.00 circle radius.

Jet Pack(Trinket): Airborne status and increased Movement speed for duration. Roughly 60% of charge duration used upon activation, remaining drained while active. [Breakout]



Zero G(Armor):


Jet Pack(Trinket):